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Our Ministries 

The Brown Bag Ministry

The Brown Bag Ministry is committed to serving the unhoused communities in the Charlotte NC area. We have served over 5000 Brown Bag lunches in the community thus far.

We have an Annual Thanksgiving Dinner Boxes donations to our Senior Citizens. We have donated over 150 dinners thus far.

Reverend Lenora Southerland is the Chair and is supported by the UFCC Staff and Family to support this ministry.

U.N.L.O.C.K Prison Ministry

U.N.L.O.C.K. Prison Ministry! The acronym for U.N.L.O.C.K is - Understanding, THE Needs, With Love, With an Open-Mind, Compassion , and Kindness to Those that Have Been  Disenfranchised and Marginalized by the Judicial System in Our Communities!

U.N.L.O.C.K. Prison Ministry was birthed by the Vision of God, that we must be the beacon of Love, Support, and Encouragement for those that have been shackled by the Judicial System. We are purposed in our mission, that  “I See the God in You”! No matter what your situation or circumstances maybe. U.N.L.O.C.K Prison is purposed to Encourage and Love Beyond the Barriers of Society!

Our prayer and hope is that we break the Barriers and Unlock the Bondage that our Black, Brown Brothers and Sisters have endured by this unjust Judicial System. 

Our mission is to reach out to our brothers and sisters, and share a Word of Love, Support, and Encouragement !

We are clear there is much more work to be done !  We are determined to be the change we wish to see in our Community!

The U.N.L.O.C.K Prison Ministry is committed to continuing this necessary work for our people!

If you would like to be apart of this ministry, or would us to use written correspondences to anyone incarcerated.


Reverend Lenora Southerland

UFCC U.N.L.O.C.K. Prison Ministry - Chair

Jehovah Soldiers

Jehovah's Soldiers (JS) is the name of the Unity Fellowship Church Charlotte Youth Ministry. JS was established in 2014 and includes all youth from birth to college. The Ministry seeks to empower youth to take up space, affirm their uniqueness and allows for open conversations/interactions that creates a safe environment for them to express themselves in varied ways. Whether it's writing songs/poems, volunteering or playing sports our youth maintain a well rounded community presence. We also ask our youth to take the MGD Pledge which goes as follows: "My name is _________.

I am one of Jehovah's Soldiers. I will uphold the standards of the “MGD Promise." This means I will think before I act and speak to determine whether I want to suffer the consequences or

reap the rewards of my actions or inactions. I am a leader and if I choose to follow anything, it will be a  great example.

I am able!

I am determined!

I will Make Good Decisions!"

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