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Unity Fellowship Church Charlotte, is a part of the UFMC Movement, that is Progressive thinking, the teachings of Progressive Liberation Theology, and Profound Religious Thought! We are Progressive in our efforts to move the needle of Social Justice for those that have been marginalized and disenfranchised, by the Judicial System.

We are called to speak up for the least of them, for those that believe they don’t have a voice to affect positive change.

We are called to feed and clothe the unhoused communities, to be a beacon of Love, Light and Support for the least of them.

UFCC is determined to change the dialogue, that we must be heard, that we must be seen!

WE must be Celebrated and not just Tolerated!


We are firm believers that, GOD IS LOVE AND LOVE IS FOR EVERYONE! 

Unity Fellowship Church Charlotte History

We’ve loved every minute of our journey

For over 20 years, UFC Charlotte has served as a social justice ministry providing weekly spiritual development classes, Sunday worship services and community outreach. UFC Charlotte was the first African American LGBTQI affirming church in Charlotte, NC. The ministry held its first service on MLK Sunday, 2001, under the leadership of Pastor Tonjia Rawls and First Lady Gwendolyn Rawls, As a member church of the Unity Fellowship Church Movement, UFCC was established to serve the spiritual needs of the congregation and community in the Charlotte metropolitan area and beyond. UFCC affirms that "God is Love, and Love is for Everyone," and has been a source of preaching and teaching the power of Love, Grace and Forgiveness, through the teaching of Jesus Christ and other religious thoughts and ideologies.


Our Mission

At UFC Charlotte, our mission is to provide a safe and affirming worship experience for ALL as well as to share, encourage, and learn from each other in our continuing drive to accomplish God’s will for our lives.

Our Vision

Unity Fellowship Church Charlotte envisions a church of inclusivity, through LIberated Theology, Progressive thoughts and ideologies.

Unity Fellowship Church Charlotte envisions a collaborative work for the LGBTQI communities, for social justice equality, supporting the unhoused communities, reducing the recidivism through prison reform, with health and wellness initiatives for healthier lifestyles, in addition to providing a domestic violence support system.

Unity Fellowship Church Charlotte envisions a thriving and equitable, socio-economic stability for our LGBTQI communities.

Unity Fellowship envisions, partnership with our friends and allies to be a beacon of support, through engagement, to action, to enhance our communities.


What We Believe

We believe the teachings of Jesus Christ but we do not dismiss all other faith and religious beliefs as wrong or second to our way of believing. We believe God is greater than any religion, denomination or school of thought. We believe God not male or female.

What our Fellow Christians are saying

I love UFCC. From the first time a coworker told me to, "go to that church on Eastway" to the present time. When I walked in the house on February 28, 2010 I knew not a soul yet I also knew that I was right at home. Love and grace to UFC Charlotte.

A Grace Jae'El

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